Thursday, September 27, 2012

Evelynn Double Take

If it's on the internet it must be true. Right?
Well, not quite.

I've recently been made aware that a character I recorded for the beta version of League of Legends a few years ago didn't make the cut. Riot Games restructured Evelynn the Widowmaker and recorded her using a different actress. Although I was really proud of my work on League of Legends and was honored to take part in such an epic game with such a dedicated fan base, these things happen and life goes on...

However, because of the power of the internet I am now recognized as the voice of Evelynn because I posted it to this blog back in 2009 which means there is a very talented actress out there not receiving her due - and especially unfair, not receiving the amazing fan letters that come with being involved in such a super cool game.

In respect to this mystery VA I have taken the Evelynn audio down from the original post but am not sure if it's been picked up by other fan sites so I am here to offer this info up to the truthernet to set the record straight.

Thank you to ALL you LOL fans who have been so gracious and sweet and supportive. Please continue to visit this blog to see where you can hear me in the future. Until then, into the night...